Friday, May 22, 2009


For some reason those two subjects just won’t get out of the limelight. For some reason the liberals just won’t let go and let sleeping dogs lie. They just keep fueling the fire and boiling this dirty linen in public when matters like this should be settled at the highest levels behind closed doors.

I can’t predict the future and no one can, but I think there is an even chance this sleeping dog may end up biting a bunch of liberals. When I turn on the TV all I hear is Gitmo, Gitmo, all day long. For me to meddle in an issues of this type is unpredictable and may even be dangerous, but, as a writer I just couldn’t take it any longer, I just had to put pen to paper, so be it.

Now, here is my ounce of wisdom, you can take it with a grain of salt or you can take it to the bank. As I kick back in my recliner and listen to the liberals and others talk, the main thing they are focusing on is how secure the maximum security prisons are and that nobody has ever escaped.

They are not even in the ballpark on the danger of closing Gitmo and bringing those prisoners here. Of course, I’m not one bit surprised because I think most liberals are shallow and lack real wisdom. In fact it is not just the liberals, the welfare state has made nearly 90 percent of the American population shallow and hype prone, over a hundred million people voted for the American idol winner.

The mostly liberal media is so bias against anything conservative that they wouldn’t tell you even if they did see a closing Gitmo threat, which they don’t. Very few Americans actually see the big picture here. I may be wrong, but I believe if Gitmo is closed and those people are brought here on American soil we will have a whole new ball game.

I believe this whole life or death struggle we are locked in will be ratcheted up several notches. Let’s just say one member of a family clan is being held for whatever reason and the rest of the family members know where he is being held, do you think the rest of the family is going to forget him and stay far, far away?

No, we are dealing with people that has no fear of death, and I will bet they will create moles and try to get as close as possible. I don’t know what will happen and no on does, but you can rest assured if you put those people here on American soil the sky will be the limit. I’m just one lone writer expressing my grave concerns.

Gitmo is on an island surrounded by water which makes it extremely hard to get to, plus it is not even our territory. But, all of that will change if we bring those people here on the North American mainland. If the ante is raised by bringing those people here on American soil, nothing may happen, but, we better be prepared to guard our malls and everything else like never before.

Folks, I’m a self-made writer and great thinker, I’m not even right half of the time, and I may be just making a mountain out of a mole hill. So, never mind me, just go on about your business and forget you even read this article. Phil. 4-13 I can do all things through God which strengthens me.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I keep thinking this water-boarding issue will be settled out of public view, but it keeps growing legs for some reason. I think this public display of obsessing on matters of this kind can set national security back further than the Church commission did. What other country is going to trust us when dirty linen like this is kept in public view. Fifty years ago this would have been unthinkable.

I’m so sick and tired of hearing about water-boarding. I know the US has freedom of speech and freedom of the press listed in the constitution. But, I can’t think of a single country in the history of mankind that aired all of its dirty laundry in pubic. As far as I’m concerned this is to the extreme, and living in any extreme is shallow and counterproductive, period.

That is what’s happening with this water-boarding issue. Personally, I would never say never, but it shouldn’t matter what I and ninety nine percent of all Americans think. In my view only an idiot would refuse to use the technique if it would save the lives of 300 million Americans citizens.

This is just another example of shallow minded liberal thinking. As for the mostly liberal media, common sense has long flown the coop with them. Common sense will tell a wise man that sometimes it’s best to “Let sleeping dogs lie and only fools rush in where wise men refuse to go.” Sure, we have free speech and a free press but we also have a republic form of government, too.

That means we elect people and trust them to make responsible decisions for us and for the country. For God sake, let the leadership decide this hot button issue at the highest level and get it the hell out of the public limelight. Opinions are like a…. holes, we all have one. You can’t have five hundred and thirty five people running anything.

It’s like “Having too many cooks in the kitchen or too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” It is said that "You can never be a good leader if you don't know how to follow." There is no absolute one way to do things in life, life is all about common sense, perspective, and being able to adapt, otherwise you perish.

That axiom is still true today, except this temporary welfare state has too many people in fantasy land.

This whole thing is a power play plot by the shallow minded liberal news media. The mostly liberal media and their created welfare state along with liberal judges have just about destroyed our culture, our nuclear family system, and our manufacturing base. Now, from ignorance they are going in for the kill to try to destroy this nation’s ability to keep any national security secret. Lord save us.

A word of knowledge to shallow minded liberals: Most people around the world don't trust any government anyway on something like this. It doesn't matter if the U.S. government swears on a stack of bibles that it will never use water boarding ever again, No one hip is going to believe it anyway.

So, all of this public airing of our dirty linen is doing is proving just how shallow and naive we have become. Send in the clowns! However, the liberals just may be out to get "Somebody" anyway and the country or nothing else matters.


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